This is what some of our fantastic stallholders and visitors have said about our events.

“As one who has done exhibitions every month in 2022, I was totally in awe with the Essex and Suffolk County Christmas Fair. The communication chain with the organisers was very good. The location was great, I had never heard of it and seeing the venue, I was super impressed. It was a wonderful location. The line-up of stall holders were very good, and the way we were arranged in the halls too was very neatly done. I thought all the items on sale were of fantastic quality. It was really nice to meet so many fantastic people. The best part has got to be the footfall. I have never seen so many people in one event. Like they did not stop coming. It is an exhibitor's joy to see lots of guests attend an event. The most wonderful thing happened - we sold out. All our smoothees were gone.. Thank you, Darren and the very fantastic team, for pulling off a successful event. I was very happy. By far, the best event I have attended.”  

Mepple Essien

“The event was very good and we really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere too.

Everything ran smoothly and would love to be at your next event.”

Colin Anthony

“Firstly from all at the Coffeestop we would like to say that from the beginning of our booking with your events team all of our queries which we put to you were answered promptly.

Everything was organised as soon as we arrived and we had a lot of help from the events team whilst setting up.

We had a few issues with running low on stock and a faulty cable but these problems were solved with your help and we were so very grateful!!

The decor was beautiful and an amazing job done by all.

We are very excited to hear about your future events as this one was such a great success you both done an amazing job!”

Natasha Young
Coffeestop 21

“Many thanks for a wonderful event.  The pre-promotion was excellent, lots of lovely visitors and people to help

with moving things to your tables.  We had a great day.”

Liz Roberts
Kim's Cavern

“First of all, I would say congratulations on such a successful first event. I would never have known it was your first event, it was all very professional and very well organised. (I spent many years working in the events industry so I know how much work and effort goes into it.)  Your team were also polite and helpful throughout the day from start to finish.”

Wendy Marcon-Knightley
Dottie Bears